1. Bahnsen

    FC Copenhagen collection showcase

    Hi. Just want to showcase my FC Copenhagen trading cards and sticker collection in hope of anyone having some cards or stickers missing in the collection. Also feel free to let me know, if you find any errors on the homepage or have any good advise...
  2. Bahnsen

    FC Copenhagen cards / stickers / metal tags

    Hi. I am looking for FC Copenhagen cards / stickers / metal tags of FC Copenhagen. I am pretty sure, that I got the regular Panini & Topps CL 2010/11, CL 13/14, 16/17 and Fifa 365 cards and stickers covered. But if some special versions from other countries exist, I am very interested. For...
  3. Bahnsen

    Greek football cards and tags

    Hi. Do we have any greek collectors in here? I got some questions about the "Soccer Stars" cards and tags - if they are called that. I collect FC Copenhagen cards and stickers and by coincidence I stumbled over a FC Copenhagen Soccer Star card on ebay. That got me searching a bit more, and I...