copa america

  1. V

    Football stuff from Brazil

    I'm located in Brazil and I can offer vintage football memorabilia such as World Cups pressed in Brazil such as: Panini full albums, old magazines, calendars, postcards, old tickets, etc. I ship to Europe countries, USA Ask me what the items of football you search for on my site...
  2. R

    Panini Copa America 2001 empty album

    I’m looking to buy an original Panini Copa America 2001 empty album in good condition.
  3. Caiera

    Copa America 2019 - Brazil

    So, with the group stage draw today a very important question emerges: will panini release a sticker album for this one? I think so, and given that I couldn't found any threads abou this collection in the site, I created one myself, so feel free to drop here any new info you guys found. Also...
  4. justinabaharun

    For Sale Copa America Centenario 2016 USA album, sticker box of 50 and complete loose sticker

    Hi, I am selling my one extra album copa america 2016 USA (3 EURO) 12 boxes of stickers that contain 50 packs (30 EURO each box) 60 loose packs of stickers (1 euro each pack) one complete set of loose stickers for one album (100 euro for one set) Shipping cost will be bear by the buyer. I...
  5. DamianGutierrez


    I didn´t see this album on any thread. This is the first album of Panini to celebrate the America Cup 2001. nevertheless America Cup has some troubles and many countries didn´t participate Selecciones de America 2001 Sticker Album with 25 pages 153 stickers to collect; Sealed Packet has 5...
  6. Teo Lahmeyer

    Sealed Packets and Albuns for Sale - UEFA EURO 2016 - Copa America Centenário 2016 USA

    Hello friends. Panini, here in Brazil, published two new collections of figurines. - Copa America Centenario 2016 USA Packets in 3 different versions: (Contém 5 cromos, Contiene 5 stickers e Contiene 5 Figuritas) - $ 0.45 each. - Album (Softcover): $ 2.40 each. - UEFA EURO 2016 Packets in...
  7. Kacper13

    My missing stickers! Copa America 2015!

    UPDATE Complete.