copa américa 2016

  1. justinabaharun

    For Sale Copa America Centenario 2016 USA album, sticker box of 50 and complete loose sticker

    Hi, I am selling my one extra album copa america 2016 USA (3 EURO) 12 boxes of stickers that contain 50 packs (30 EURO each box) 60 loose packs of stickers (1 euro each pack) one complete set of loose stickers for one album (100 euro for one set) Shipping cost will be bear by the buyer. I...
  2. Gabriel

    Adrenalyn XL Copa America USA 2016

    Hi. Today I will show you some photos and information from the new collection of PANINI Adrenalyn XL Copa America USA 2016! It's a collection of 315 trading cards, including Team Mates, Team Logos, Goal Machines, Key Players, etc. Here I upload some photos with details :) If someone have other...
  3. ilias


    Look what I noticed this this morning from Panini America. I think this will be for the summer event