1. great1

    Selling Steaua cards (all Steaua cards issued by Panini in modern history)

    Hello I'm selling my Steaua Bucuresti cards, I have all standard and limited edition cards issued by Panini in modern history. Every card is very well stored in a penny sleeve+toploader+team bag. If you are interested about these cards, send me a PM Panini Trading Cards Game Champions League...
  2. L

    Buying unopened Panini soccer cards packs

    I want to buy unopened Panini card packs from UK or Germany mostly, but if you live somewhere else its fine, Im sure we can work something out too. Why I want to buy them from somewhere else? Well, here in Finland the packs are much more expensive and have worse odds than everywhere else. So...
  3. Boyar

    Stadium collection

    Hello all, I hope this is the right place for my question: Im looking for stadium collection cards (football of course), something like what Topps did in EPL Match Attax 2012-2013 does anyone know if there...
  4. A

    Andy's Feedback