adrenalyn xl

  1. D

    Adrenalyn XL EURO 2020 (2021 Kick-Off) Online App trading

    Hi! Anyone here playing the Adrenalyn XL EURO 2020 (2021 Kick Off) app that would want to do some trades? Right now I'm only missing Darida and Kjaer Fan Favorites, but I'm willing to help out by trading for stuff I already have (I have TONS of dupes). Anyway, hit me up if interested or just...
  2. G

    Panini World Cup and Euro items - search and offer - large choice for swap or trade

    I´m swapping all of my listed sticker items also vs. numbered Prizm Parallel cards + Signature cards WC 2014 and / or extra cards of Adrenalyn XL 2010 + 2014. I´m offering generous ratios for WC 2014 Adrenalyn XL rare Lim´s, green, gold + black Prizms and for (Combo) Signatures. Searching for...
  3. Gabriel

    Adrenalyn XL Copa America USA 2016

    Hi. Today I will show you some photos and information from the new collection of PANINI Adrenalyn XL Copa America USA 2016! It's a collection of 315 trading cards, including Team Mates, Team Logos, Goal Machines, Key Players, etc. Here I upload some photos with details :) If someone have other...
  4. LeeWest1865

    Panini Euro 2016 Adrenalyn XL Trade / Swap / Exchange

    ADMIN EDIT: This thread will be the one to post your lists for this collection. One post per user. If you wish to update your lists, edit the post. Please leave always both missing and doubles list. We advise you to read some more trading rules here in CardzReview, for better swap experience...